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CERES-TechSpaces™ is a technical development company, commercial mentor and incubator of smart-city solutions.

We are a team of smart-city solution developers that have a proven track-record reducing energy consumption, increasing cost-savings and building eco-awareness among different constituents and community groups.

From our Cambridge office, drawing on the scientific and engineering advances of the Cambridge cluster (“Silicon Fen”), we help high-tech start-ups grow, validate and progress their business goals by raising funds, finding commercial projects and providing management guidance and coaching.

Our Vision

We believe in the ability of communication technologies to produce cooperation on all aspects of urban life, enhancing delivery of services so they are sustainable, cost-effective and equitable.

Our SmartCityContact™ IT Platform provides advanced ICT and data analysis in ways that link government, business and citizens to take collective action by targeting resources to critical infrastructure needs, optimising use of existing infrastructure services and helping consumers make wise, sustainable choices.

This is matched by a commitment to educating the next generation of ICT developers and entrepreneurs to create solutions tailored to local needs. Our Green-Tech Spaces™ provide instruction and mentoring of teens to prepare them for university or for movement directly into the workforce, using local projects to motivate learning.

Our Services

We bring our services to local, regional and national urban infrastructure managers, private and public utilities and other large consumer-facing groups, increasing the effectiveness of their services. Our smart city solutions and educational programmes generate quantifiable benefits and value for service providers and consumers by:

  • Managing infrastructure assets so that savings can be generated, demonstrated and shared with the community
  • Reducing the operational costs of public services so limited resources are used wisely
  • Increasing the confidence of the consumers that services are affordable, convenient and reliable
  • Mobilising the public and private sectors to work together in contributing to service delivery


Our ICT Platform of smart solutions brings together government, business and citizens so they all contribute to delivering and using services sustainably.

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Green-Tech Spaces

Experimental co-creation spaces to explore and create innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy demand.

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Our Integrated Platform

Our SmartCityContact™ Platform allows modular licensing & use of individual smart city solutions on an as-needed basis. Our SmartCityContact™ Platform is available via secure, cloud-based, hosted or on-site integration to maximize cost-savings, service usage and platform reliability.

Our Delivery

At CERES-Tech Spaces™, we see delivery of smart services as requiring the coordinated action of five groups. Government (Council) acts as the primary service provider. Businesses (Commerce) both provide commercial services and are a user of government services. Citizens make use of both services and let providers know of their level of satisfaction. Cleantech innovations provide the solutions to sustainability of services. And the Community must be mobilised to act together in improving all of the services – and in the wise use of those services. The SmartCityContact™ Integrated Platform brings all of these actors together to make service delivery smart, cost-effective and sustainable.